Choose a Custom Thumbnail

You can select a custom thumbnail for your video by navigating to the Media Info pane. Just click the Media options link for any video, then click "settings."

From the Media Info view, as the asset owner or a Media Library admin, you'll be able to select a new thumbnail for your video. Just click the image in the upper-right of the screen, or simply click on the Edit Thumbnail link.

You'll now see up to 10 thumbnail options for you to choose from. To change the thumbnail for your video, simply click on the image you want as the thumbnail.

You'll also see a + icon, which you can click if you'd like to upload a custom thumbnail from your device.

Your new thumbnail will take the place of the old thumbnail. Click "Change".

Now you'll see the new thumbnail on the Media Info page, as well as in the Media Library view, and when the video is embedded.

From the Media Info page you can also: Attach Closed Captions, Add Tags, Change owner, View Analytics, Replace an Existing Asset, and Remove from Media Library.

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