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Gradebook in Canvas

Users have the option to enable grading in Canvas. If Gradebook has not been installed, refer to this Support Guide to learn how to enable Gradebook during the Warpwire configuration in Canvas.

Embedding Media with Gradebook

Once Gradebook has been enabled, you will be able to embed media with grading from the text editor.

To do so, navigate to the course where you would like to embed the graded content. Then, click Assignments in the left-side menu.

Navigate to the course where you would like to embed media.

First, you'll need to add an Assignment. Navigate to the top of your screen and click the blue "+ Assignment" button.

Navigate to the Add Assignment button at the top of your screen.

Give your Assignment a name then scroll down to below the text box.

Now, enter in the amount of points your viewers can earn.

Enter in the assignment name and points.

Scroll down to Submission Type. Click the drop down menu and select External Tool from the options.

Select External Tool from the Canvas Submission Type otpions.

Then, click "Find".

Click Find in the External Tool box.

Now, click the blue "Warpwire Quiz" link.

Click the Warpwire Quiz link.

You will be prompted to add media. If your course Media Library is empty, simply upload or capture a new video.

Click the grey "+" button below the Account menu. Then select "Upload Files".

Note: Grading works for video and audio assets. For this example, we will be uploading a video from a file.

Click the grey add media button in Canvas.

Upload files to the Warpwire Media Library.

Now select the video or videos you would like to upload. When ready, click the blue "Open" button.

Select the media you would like to insert, then click open.

Then, click blue "Start Uploading" button.

When your video has been imported, click the start uploading button.

Once uploaded, your new video or videos will appear as an asset under the courses Media Library list. Select the media you would like to import by clicking inside of the black circle.

Click the black circle to select media.

Before inserting the video, you will need to enable grading. To do so, navigate to the bottom of the window and click the three dots button. Please note that you can only select one item at a time if you are planning on enabling grading.

Click the black circle to select media.

In the Media Embed Settings, check the box next to Graded Activity. If you would like to personalize the video, like showing Interactive Transcripts, enabling Autoplay or hiding metadata, you can do that now.

When you are ready, scroll to the bottom of the window and click the blue "Save Embed Settings" button.

Slect Graded Activity to save embed settings with gradebook.

With embed settings saved and Gradebook enabled, you are ready to insert your media. Click the blue "Insert" button to do so.

Insert your media with the new embed settings saved.

Your media URL has now been added. When ready, click the blue "Select" button.

Click the blue Select button in the Configure External Tool window.

Now that your video has been inserted, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save & Publish".

Save and publish your video.

Your embedded video can be seen on the page and will send watch percentage to the Gradebook based on a user's viewing.

Save and publish your video.

See also: Canvas Plugin, Turn on Warpwire for your course, Capture and Insert Media.

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