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Warpwire Sakai 10 Install Instructions

The steps to add the Warpwire Sakai plugin to a Sakai 10 instance are as follows. For additional information and to download the plugin, please visit our GitHub page.

  1. Within the tomcat installation directory (default directory is /opt/tomcat, but may be different for your configuration), locate the /sakai/ file, and append the following line to the portal.include.extrahead property within the file:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/library/js/warpwire.js"></script>

  2. It is possible that the portal.include.extrahead property is not set in the properties file in your installation - in this case, simply append the following line to the file instead:

    portal.include.extrahead=<script type="text/javascript" src="/library/js/warpwire.js"></script>

  3. Within the /sakai directory, create a folder named 'portlets', if it does not already exist (Resulting folder location will be /sakai/portlets)

  4. Copy the IMSBLTIPortlet.xml file (located at xml/IMSBLTIPortlet.xml in the included archive) into the folder from the previous step (/sakai/portlets). This is the xml configuration file that allows the Warpwire plugin to exist as an LTI tool within your Sakai installation.

  5. Replace the [[WW_LAUNCH_URL]], [[WW_SECRET]], and [[WW_CONSUMER_KEY]] within the newly created /sakai/portlets/IMSBLTIPortlet.xml file with the applicable values provided by Warpwire.

  6. Copy the 'warpwire.js' file (located at js/warpwire.js in the included archive) to the applicable location within your Sakai installation (/webapps/library/js/warpwire.js).

  7. Copy the ‘warpwire’ directory (located within the ‘plugin’ folder) into the ckextraplugins folder within your Sakai installation (Resulting folder location will be /webapps/library/editor/ckextraplugins/warpwire).

  8. Locate the /webapps/library/editor/ckeditor.launch.js file, and add the following line to the ckconfig variable within the file:

    warpwireURL: '[[WW_ROOT_DOMAIN]]',

  9. Replace the [[WW_ROOT_DOMAIN]] within the /webapps/library/editor/ckeditor.launch.js file with the applicable value provided by Warpwire. An example of the necessary changes is located on line 80 of the file located at js/ckeditor.launch.js in the included archive.

  10. Add 'warpwire' to the sakai.editor.enableResourceSearch array and within the addExternal plugin function in the ckeditor.launch.js file (located at /webapps/library/editor/ckeditor.launch.js). An example of the changes necessary are located in the attached folder on lines 110-111 and 195-202 of the file located at js/ckeditor.launch.js in the included archive.

Note: After following the provided steps, a restart of Sakai will be necessary in order for the Warpwire Site Tool to be accessible from within Sakai.

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