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A New Phase for Warpwire in 2021

Making a Screen Recording that includes your Webcam

If you'd like to add a personal element to your screen recording and show your face as well as your presentation, follow this guide. Note that this guide is based on QuickTime Player and the macOS operating system. If you use Windows, the included Camera application can be used in place of QuickTime Player to achieve the same effect.

Recording Your Screen

Begin by opening the presentation you want to appear in your screen recording. Then, open the QuickTime Player application (Or the Camera application, on Windows).

Desktop with visible presentation

From QuickTime Player's 'File' menu, select "New Movie Recording." Desktop with visible presentation and QuickTime Player menu open, red arrow pointing to 'New Movie Recording'

A view of your webcam should appear. Position the camera screen next to your presentation.

Desktop with visible presentation and QuickTime Player menu open

Open your browser and navigate to the Warpwire Media Library you'd like to add your recording to. Select "Screen Capture" from the upload option drowndown menu.

Warpwire open in browser, QuickTime Player open next to browser

Select "Entire Screen" from the screen recording options.

Screen recording options screen within Warpwire application

You'll now see the video preview for your new screen recording. After selecting the desired audio source, click the Video icon to begin recording.

Preview of recording with start button

Navigate back to your presentation, and go through it until you are ready to end the recording.

Screen recording in progress

When you're done with the content you want to record, navigate back to the Warpwire browser tab and click the red circle icon to end your recording.

Screen recording settings in Warpwire, with large red stop button

Your new screen recoding will save to the Media Library.

Warpwire Media Library with new recording

Clipping your Screen Recording

Once you've finished recording your screen, you may wish to clip the beginning and end of the recording so that it doesn't include footage of switching from the browser to content of your presentation, and then back to the browser to end the recording. You can achieve this by using Warpwire's Clipping tool.

Access the Media Settings for the recording by clicking the three dots icon to the right of the file name, then clicking "Settings."

Warpwire Media Library with new recording, red arrow pointing to 'Settings'

From the settings page, click the "Create Clip" link.

Warpwire Media Settings page, red arrow pointing to 'Create Clip'

Now, drag along the timeline to highlight the part of the video you want to save as a clip, then click 'Create Clip.'

Warpwire clip creation interface, red arrow pointing to blue 'Create Clip' button

The new clip of your original screen recording will save to the Media Library. This final product can be embedded and shared with your students.

Warpwire Media Library containing new clip

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