Dedication to Education

Dedication to Education

Warpwire was built through a close collaboration with educational technologists who were frustrated by the existing limitations of secure video delivery for education.

We maintain close partnerships with each of our client institutions so that we can continue to respond to their needs today and into the future. Feedback from our clients drives our product roadmap; we schedule two major releases per year to ensure our feature set stays up-to-date with the needs of our institutions.

We aim to ensure that students, instructors, and educators have the most cutting-edge and reliable tools in their toolbox to challenge the way we think about education.

Our Founders' Vision

To make it easy for educators to deliver knowledge.

We have spent time in the educational technology community, building solutions for, and interacting closely with partners over the last decade. The work in this community is authentic and genuine – solving problems for people in higher education furthers our society's well-being. We have a passion for creating technology solutions in this space because it can impact our collective future, and the future of learning itself.

Andrew Synowiez
Chief Operating Officer

"I think our unique approach is in the way we create our software. To remove the technological barrier and make it easy to share and deliver content to students. We're just delivering media, but making it easier and more secure.

Technology has a finite reach. It's on the teacher, the institution, the community to enact that change. Warpwire can only help enact real change in the education space. Ease of reach and ease of technology makes it easier for the teachers, who have to manage 500 other things not related to the software. We work to make their lives easier, to make it easier to deliver knowledge to the next generation."

Monte Evans
Chief Technology Officer

"Education isn't universal, and it's prioritized by those who have it. We're just trying to level the playing field. It's hard to be in a race when you have an anchor tied to your legs. Warpwire is another medium that educators can use to get their knowledge out to more people. It's working to get others access to something they didn't have before.

I grew up where the highest level I could achieve was a manager at a retail store. Then I was given an opportunity to expand my horizons. For me, education is about looking at a problem and seeing the patterns that exist. Then you can begin working toward a systematic solution."

Jeff Gula
Vice President, Software Engineering

"My goal was to prove a point that you can make an incredible something, versus a less incredible thing that's sold better. That we could make something great. You shouldn't win just because you can sell something better.

There are lots of problems in education, and secure video delivery was a problem that we could solve. What we are trying to do is make sure that the best technology is something that every classroom can have, if they need it. We're giving every possible teaching avenue a chance. Hopefully in the end the educators and students win. We don't want to have it tied directly to certain demographic, or higher education versus K-12. It needs to be accessible to everyone."

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