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Feature Index

An exhaustive list of everything the Warpwire platform can do. Don't see a feature you need? Let us know.


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  • Asset-Level Security

    Security that follows your media asset anywhere on the web. Warpwire ensures that wherever your media or Media Libraries are shared, it's security travels with it.

  • Secure Sharing Options

    Securely share media with a variety of options — open to the public, protected for only selected users, or with the entire institution. Includes automatic sharing within the LMS.

  • Link and Embed Media Options

    Embed media via a direct link, iframe, or LTI plugin. Entire Warpwire Media Libraries can also be embedded on any website, giving access to capture, share, and manage media from anywhere.

  • Download Media Option

    Enable downloads at multiple quality levels. Permissions can be toggled at institutional or user level for added flexibility.

  • Guest Accounts

    Invite guests to view media. Guest accounts are managed via Admin Tool, based on email address.

  • Integrations

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  • LMS Integration

    Pre-built LTI plugins for Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, and Brightspace by D2L

  • CMS Integration

    Pre-built LTI plugins for Drupal and Wordpress

  • Medical LMS/CMS Integration

    Pre-built LTI plugin available for EthosCE

  • Customizable Login Page

    Brand your login page and/or URL with your institution's name and logo.

  • Integration with SSO

    Streamline the login process by integrating with your Single Sign-On system

  • Course Roster Integration

    Automated course importing system and modification API

  • LDAP and Active Directory

    Allows user and group searching for easy sharing.

  • Third-party player tools

    OAuth2 authentication to incorporate third-party tools including in-video quizzing, closed captions, translations, and lecture capture hardware and scheduling.

  • Media Upload & Capture

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  • Batch or Single File Upload

    Save time by uploading a semester's worth of videos with batch uploading. Warpwire creates derivative files for each video to optimize streaming playback.

  • Mobile & Tablet Capture

    Capture a video or photograph directly from your phone or tablet into a Warpwire Media Library for secure sharing.

  • Multi-Source Capture

    With Multi-Source Capture, users can record up to four different video sources simultaneously. Multi-Source Capture also provides users with a more robust and reliable capture experience.

  • Contribution Mode

    Allow non-admin users, such as students or trainees, to upload content to a Media Library.

  • HTML5-based Capture

    Our HTML5 capture with Flash fallback can accommodate the latest technology, as well as allow users with older technology to still capture and watch videos.

  • Webcam & External Camera Capture

    Use a camera or microphone connected or integrated in your computer to record video inside your web browser. Warpwire also supports dedicated lecture capture hardware setups, including integration with scheduling tools and automatic Media Library publishing.

  • Screen Capture

    Record your screen while recording your voice with Screen Capture. Easily record your presentation during a lecture, or demonstrate the use of a particular application or website to your students.

  • Zoom Recording Integration

    This integration allows users to connect their Zoom account and automatically publish cloud recordings to Media Libraries based on Zoom Rules setup within Warpwire.

  • Media Playback

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  • HTML5 Playback

    Our HTML5 playback with Flash fallback can accommodate the latest technology, as well as allow users with older technology to watch videos.

  • Adaptive Streaming

    Warpwire ensures high quality viewing experiences by evaluating a user's network connection to deliver the highest quality video possible that won't interrupt video viewing, eliminating buffering.

  • Mobile Consistency

    Our in-browser video player looks and operates the same way on desktop and mobile. Click on the fullscreen button to obscure other windows and applications.

  • Speed Adjustments

    Choose your own playback speed. Select from .25x, .5x, .75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x. Slow down videos to see detail, or speed them up to save time.

  • Closed Captions

    Turn on closed captions to ensure your understanding. If they are available for your video, you'll be able to choose which language to display.

  • Downloadable Captions & Transcripts

    Quickly download a caption file or transcript of the video you're watching for offline study.

  • Preview Thumbnail

    Speed ahead to the right section of the video using our thumbnail preview feature. Hover over the progress bar to see a thumbnail image of that portion of the video.

  • Share Link

    Easily share a video link from right within our video player.

  • In-Video Search

    Search within each captioned video for a specific word or phrase to jump to that section of the video.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Use easy keyboard shortcuts to modify playback. Fast forward, rewind, mute, unmute and more.

  • Download Media Assets

    For users with download permission, downloading can be done directly from the video/audio player itself, no matter where embedded or accessed.

  • Customizable Embedding

    Easily custom embed video and audio assets, including hiding controls, audio-only, and interactive transcript options.

  • Media Libraries

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  • Sharing Options

    Granular control over who has access to your content: public, private, institution-wide, or shared with specific users and groups.

  • Sort Options

    Warpwire Media Library files are displayed in reverse chronological order for simple viewing. Users can also sort by Title, Tag, and Contributor. Library administrators can set the default sort order to encourage users to engage with content in a particular way.

  • Content Tagging and Metadata Options

    Instructors can create and add tags to group together related media for easy organization. Users can use tags to curate a playlist of videos or sort videos by lesson. Each user account maintains a collection of tags, so that students and instructors alike can organize their media as needed. Use Tagged Media Playlists to organize content.

  • Content Moderation

    Moderate the visibility of your videos to release new content on your timeline.

  • Contribution Mode

    Allow non-admins to add content to media libraries, allowing students to contribute video for assessment.

  • Curate Media into Playlists

    Users can embed entire Media Libraries to act as 'playlists' on external websites. Particular tags within a Media Library can all be shared and embedded as 'playlists' this makes it easy to share relevant content.

  • Batch Editing

    Quickly modify multiple assets at once — add or remove tags, copy to another Media Library or delete items.

  • RSS Feed

    Ensure compatibility and automatically generate RSS feeds for publicly available media libraries.

  • Media Assets

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  • Change Title and Description

    Simple and straightforward interface to edit content metadata.

  • Sharing Options

    Expand on the automatic sharing within the LMS/CMS, make things private, or share with the web. Granular and customizable.

  • Copy to other Media Libraries

    Create copies of media assets — with fresh analytics for each copy.

  • Asset Ownership Reassignment

    Give admin rights to another user.

  • Content Tagging and Metadata Options

    Add tags to label and organize your content. Each user account maintains a collection of tags, so students and instructors alike can organize their media as needed.

  • Clipping Video and Audio

    Clipping allows you to create a new edited segment of a larger video or audio file. A clipped file is an entirely new asset to share with your audience.

  • Embed Trimming

    Trim unwanted video and audio at the beginning and end of your asset when embedding to ensure a perfect cut.

  • Detailed Analytics and Engagement

    See overarching viewer engagement graphs or track each user that views a media asset and which sections were watched.

  • Replace Media

    Easily update or replace video content with a click of a button. Users can upload a new media file to replace the old version, and all permalinks associated with that file will remain the same, so that you won't have to re-embed.

  • Visibility Option

    Warpwire allows administrators to easily toggle the visibility of any asset, to ensure the right audience can view your media at the right time.

  • Customizable Video Thumbnail

    Once any video is uploaded, Warpwire automatically generates up to 10 thumbnail options for you to choose from, or upload your own custom thumbnail image.

  • Automatic Video Derivatives

    Upon upload, Warpwire creates a low, medium, and high resolution versions to ensure playback performance.

  • Download Media

    Institutions can optionally offer direct downloads of media assets.

  • Remove/Delete from Media Library

    Removing or deleting a video from your library is quick and easy.

  • In Video Search

    Search within each captioned video for a specific word or phrase to jump to that section of the video.

  • Accessibility

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  • Accessibility Focused

    Warpwire's application and video player are accessibility focused with the latest features for universal use.

  • Upload Closed Captions

    WebVTT and SRT supported, with extensive documentation if you want to learn to produce them in-house.

  • Request Closed Captions

    All users can easily request captions for a video, and institutional admins can manage requests via the Admin Tool.

  • Automated Closed Captions

    Setup automated closed captions for a particular course, department or university-wide.

  • Request Translations

    Warpwire integrates with several caption providers, some of whom offer translation.

  • Downloadable Transcripts & Captions

    Quickly download a caption file or transcript of the video you're watching for offline study.

  • Tab-key Navigation

    Move around the Warpwire application with your keyboard.

  • Screenreader support

    Warpwire functions with VoiceOver, JAWS, and other major screen reader tools.

  • Colorblind friendly design

    Built with a functional color palette in mind.

  • Responsive Design

    Beautiful and functional on desktop, tablet, and mobile — at any resolution.

  • Dark/Light Mode

    Easily toggle between Dark and Light Mode within all aspects of the platform.

  • Mobile and Tablet Compatible

    Enjoy the same Warpwire functionality and experience on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

    Download and read our VPAT.

  • Admin Tool

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  • Usage Statistics

    Quick look at bandwidth and storage usage, along with top stats in many categories, customizable by date range.

  • Immersive Troubleshooting

    Admins have the ability to "become a user" to assist with troubleshooting efforts.

  • Admin Search Options

    Admins can search by user, group, library, or media asset.

  • Manage Caption Requests

    Control automated captioning. Create caption profiles and approve or deny requests.

  • Manage Guest Accounts

    Warpwire offers email-based guest accounts, which can be managed from the Admin Tool.

  • Institutional Options

    Easy reference of which settings are default at your institution.

  • Support

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  • Submit a Support Ticket

    Warpwire clients enjoy unlimited access to our email support via our ticketing system. Quickly submit a support ticket whenever an issue arises.

  • Support Guides

    Support Guides are available as new features and enhancements are released.

  • Support Videos

    Watch any of our video walkthroughs sprinkled throughout our Support Guides to walk you through Warpwire's capabilities.

  • Phone Support

    Our support team is available by phone during business hours, 9am - 5pm EST.

  • Migration Services

    Let Warpwire handle your content migration from your existing platform.

  • Premium Support

    Warpwire's Premium Support includes a dedicated account manager with off-hours support, weekly account monitoring, regular status meetings, and a yearly usage review.

  • Professional Services

    Warpwire offers professional services for customization, prioritization of feature development, additional training, and much more.

  • Developer APIs

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  • Reporting API

    Warpwire provides a simple interface to aggregate metrics collected by Warpwire via our Reporting API.

  • Group Import Guide

    provides a simple interface for developers to programmatically add, update, and archive groups within Warpwire.

  • Third-party Integrations

    Warpwire utilizes OAuth2, which allows third-party applications to request authorization to act on a user's behalf, without the user having to expose their username and password.

  • Video Player API

    Provides the ability to customize your playback experience utilizing URL shortcuts.

  • Lecture Capture Integration

    Integration with third-party lecture capture solutions to schedule and publish lecture content to the appropriate Warpwire Media Library.

  • Custom Uploading

    Upload content programmatically outside of the standard user interface. Useful for large batches and migrations.

  • Infrastructure

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  • Scalable Architecture

    Designed to be service-oriented and horizontally-scalable to handle all of your institution's content, year after year.

  • Secure Application Infrastructure

    We follow the principle of least privilege, and all services are hardened with NSA-developed SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux). Essentially acting as a gate around your data to keep it isolated, this protocol limits the ability for your data to be compromised.

  • Enterprise-Grade Firewall

    Deny by default firewall used on all systems both internally and public-facing. We only allow trusted users to access our system.

  • 256-bit Encryption

    Handled via HTTPS with 256 bit SSL encryption for all network traffic, both internal and external. So your data will never travel unencrypted, on any network.

  • AWS S3 Cloud Storage

    We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 for file storage. Storage availability uptime for AWS is 99.99% and file durability is 99.999999999%. This effectively means you never have to worry about data corruption or lost files.

  • Geographic Redundancy and Isolation

    Servers can be located where your users are, and isolated in various geographic locations to comply with regulations, giving you peace of mind that your data is private.

  • Automated Systems

    We automate the management of infrastructure and deployment of application and data updates. If there are issues processing data, the application is resilient and can automatically and gracefully recover.

  • Global CDN

    We utilize a worldwide CDN to guarantee high speed access to your content at anytime. All media assets are delivered at scale worldwide, ensuring that your content arrives swiftly to viewers across the globe with shorter load times and faster playback.

  • Adaptive Streaming

    Warpwire ensures high quality viewing experiences by evaluating a user's network connection to deliver the highest quality video possible that won't interrupt video viewing, eliminating buffering.