Release Notes

Warpwire Release Notes

Warpwire v2.1 – October 5, 2017

This update includes the following changes:

Screen Capture:

  • Enables direct Screen Capture creation and publishing within any Warpwire Media Library
  • Ability to select an entire screen or specific application window for capture
  • Support for in-browser Screen Capture for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers
  • For Google Chrome and Opera, the Warpwire Screen Capture Extension is required
  • For Mozilla Firefox, Warpwire Screen Capture functions natively

Live Broadcast with Live Chat:

  • Support for real-time bi-directional broadcaster and viewer chatting
  • Create a Live Chat handle for anonymous chatting, helpful in educational settings
  • Admins and owners of the Live Broadcast can view authenticated user account names of chat participants
  • Live Chat transcripts can be re-watched time-synced to the Live Broadcast playback once complete


  • Added option for 3Play Media to use mechanical closed caption settings
  • Added LIVE badge to distinguish Live Broadcasts in Media Library view
  • Added ability to specify a podcast format corresponding to Apple RSS specification
  • Added Warpwire logo to the embedded view of a video
  • Updated Content Moderation naming to Visibility to reduce confusion
  • Updated Admin Tool search criteria and maximum results amount
  • Updated Admin Tool Guest Accounts first and last name input ordering
  • Updated design of single video page to align with new Live Broadcast design
  • Updated alphabetical ordering of Media Library context links

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where updates to share permissions were not being visually updated
  • Fixed issue where certain messaging during media asset copying workflow was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where batch buttons on small screen widths were shown over content
  • Fixed issue where Media Library context links were showing in plugin mode
  • Fixed issue where multiple users were being shown when sorted by Contributor
  • Fixed issue where start and end times on Share Link was incorrectly updating

Warpwire v2.0 – August 3, 2017

This update includes the following changes:

Design and User Interactions:

  • Media rich view and standard list view for assets within a Media Library
  • Closed caption searching: direct searching of captions from within the video player with the ability to navigate to search result location within video
  • Media Library and asset controls are now accessible via a menu system oppose to stand-alone dialogs
  • Ability to navigate between Media Libraries from within a contextual menu
  • Ability to quickly add a new Media Library without having to navigate to the Media Libraries view
  • RSS support for all Media Libraries. Any public content can now be retrieved via an RSS feed for each Media Library (compatible with iTunes-U and Google Play)
  • Simplified batch editing process. Graphical representation of all batch actions
  • Batch editing mode allow for the ability to modify sharing and visibility settings for assets within a Media Library
  • Consistent interface for interacting with sharing controls, user management, and asset management
  • Videos played from within the Media Library now automatically start when opened
  • Download video transcripts within the video player for all assets with attached caption files
  • Interactions with nested hierarchies and dialogs have been improved. Translucent overlays provide visual context for all dialogs and user interactions
  • Images and video in the mobile context now expand to the entire width of the device screen
  • Upload custom thumbnail to media assets
  • Adjust video start and stop time positions, enable autoplay, and control the visibility of the media title and share information for embedded assets from within the sharing dialog
  • Merged all common account features into a user context menu including: Media Library access, tag management, Warpwire administrative features, and logout

HTML5 Live Broadcasting:

  • Support for native HTML5-based live broadcasting
  • Ability to create a live capture media asset. This allows users to share links or provide access to the event before starting the live broadcast

HTML5 Capture:

  • Improved overall reliability of capture service in situations where local computing resources are constrained
  • Improved and simplified setup camera process. Now provides ideal conditions based on bandwidth, computing resources, and camera capabilities
  • Improved handling and system performance when uploading the captured files
  • Simplified user interface when selecting quality of the capture by using enhanced system's detection, providing a choice of Low, Medium, High, and Default.


  • Moodle Login system: allows Moodle to be used as an authoritative source of record to sign in users to Warpwire
  • Media Library merger service: allows one or more Media Libraries to be merged together, preserving all existing link information, but consolidating unique assets into the same library
  • Added Rev as a closed caption provider
  • Improved closed caption handling to support extended WebVTT specification
  • Improved easing of the video player transitions states
  • Improved scrolling performance with Media Libraries that contain a large number of assets
  • Improved performance of image loading within Media Libraries
  • Drupal now allows Media Libraries to be filtered in the media selector
  • Improved tooltips for graphical assets to provide additional textual feedback
  • All Media Library view now allows for modifying permission and changing settings of individual Media Libraries without having to navigate to the Media Library
  • All Media Library view shows the number of assets contained within the Media Library for all administrators of the Media Library
  • Assets that are shared with the public appear with a green background in the Media Library
  • Media Library copy function uses same interface control and workflows as managing tags
  • Provides support for enter key submission for form data

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a copy bug where site administrators could copy to Media Libraries with invalid names
  • Fixed issue in the administrator 'become user' service that could prevent troubleshooting the user's account
  • Fixed issue where users could not watch videos while in the media chooser context
  • Added turn around time as an option to the 3PlayMedia closed caption provider service
  • Fixed bug where in specific cases the private flag for an asset may not be properly respected
  • Fixed workflow for Guest Account access and guest account user creation
  • Fixed playback issues in Canvas mobile app that prevented embedded videos from playing back successfully
  • Fixed a playback issue that could occur on certain Android phones
  • Fixed an occasional flickering issue when uploading multiple files in a Media Library
  • Fixed a bug where unauthenticated users of public Media Libraries did not have the appropriate button to sign in
  • Fixed error handling and visual display of lists that contain no items

Warpwire v1.9 (Update series B) – March 18, 2017

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved closed caption handling to support extended VTT specification, including alignment and position
  • Improved video player view transitions for easier viewing
  • Added parameters to disable seeking, hide playback controls, and enable closed captions by default for embedded media
  • Fixed an issue where anonymous asset viewing information is not properly respected within the application

Warpwire v1.9 (Update series A) – February 22, 2017

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Stability improvements to HTML5 web capture workflow
  • Added API method to allow merging of two Media Libraries
  • Clicking thumbnail in rich-text editor popup window now opens media for viewing
  • Support Guide and link for Content Moderation workflow updated in Media Library Info
  • Fixed an issue where automated closed caption turnaround may not be respected
  • Fixed an issue with "become a user" authentication for certain institutions
  • Fixed an issue where the "Warpwire Admin" button would appear when managing tags on Account page
  • Fixed an issue of video playback within Microsoft SharePoint in Internet Explorer

Warpwire v1.9 – January 25, 2017

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

Automated Closed Captions

  • Native integration with third party caption providers to automatically caption videos in Warpwire
  • Simple interface allows users to request closed captioning, transcription, and translations in supported languages
  • Site administrators can set particular Media Libraries' and users' content to be automatically captioned
  • Administrative workflow allows admin to oversee and manage closed caption compliance

Native Browser Capture (cloud-only)

  • WebRTC capture (for supported browsers) allows for native high-quality capture without the need for any additional plugins
  • Provides the ability to preview and record long-form content

Warpwire Moodle Plugin

  • Allows Warpwire to be natively installed within Moodle with direct integration with Moodle users and groups, and rich-text editor full application integration

Minor Updates

  • Enhanced metadata display on social websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Increased visual size of closed captions to improve readability
  • Improved Guest login process – Simplified the login and account updating workflows

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where a media asset owner changes to the media publication would not appear until a page refresh
  • Fixed an issue where captions may not appear under certain embedded contexts

Warpwire v1.8 (Update series C) – September 28, 2016

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Replace Existing Media – Asset owners and Media Library admins can replace a version of a media asset with a new version, while still retaining the same unique URL to not break embeds or direct links
  • Group Management in Warpwire Admin:
    • Admins can now Search by Group to view and manage Users within them
    • Search by User now allows admins to view the Groups specific Users have access to
    • Search by Media Library now allows admins to view which Users and Groups have access to them
  • Changing media asset Visibility is now available for all assets for Media Library admins and asset owners, Content Moderation is no longer required to modify asset visibility in a Media Library
  • Minor bug fixes

Warpwire v1.8 (Update series B) – August 31, 2016

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

Enhanced metadata for media assets within Media Libraries, including:

  • Showing if share setting is Private or Public
  • Showing video duration
  • Showing whether a closed caption exists
  • Enhanced interface to easily indicate when assets are private to admins

Warpwire Admin

  • Usage – Allow admins to view institutional bandwidth and storage usage, with custom date ranges

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where all assets were not set to public if the Media Library was set to public
  • Fixed an issue where closed captions were not showing in the embedded context

Warpwire v1.8 (Update series A) – August 10, 2016

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed duplicate Media Libraries from appearing in the all Media Libraries view
  • Fixed reporting issue where analytics data could be inconsistent when viewing a non-embedded video
  • Improved play/pause handling in the video player in certain embedded cases
  • Improved retry service when setting up initial video connection during webcam capture
  • Fixed issue where media thumbnails may not be viewable to certain users
  • Minor updates to Warpwire Admin when searching for specific assets

Warpwire v1.8 – July 30, 2016

This update includes the following improvements:

Video Player

  • Streamlined interface for easier navigation and viewing
  • Enhanced video playback for improved streaming performance
  • Added ability to make playback speed adjustments – .25x, .5x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x
  • Added inline share links in embedded video context
  • Enhanced keyboard shortcuts, allowing for simple video control without a mouse
  • Jump to specific timecodes for playback
  • Expanded single video page with added metadata and sharing options

Warpwire Admin

  • Search – Admins can search, browse, and sort through users, media assets, and Media Libraries
  • Added ability to view extended metadata for search results
  • Institutional Options – Admins can view institutional options set for their institution
  • (Optional per Warpwire institution) Guest Accounts – Admins can manage and grant access to Warpwire for accounts outside their institution
  • Admins can become a user for support and troubleshooting

User Hotspot Analytics for Media Library admins and asset owners:

  • View which users have watched a video, with custom date ranges
  • View which segments a user has watched
  • View when users watched a video, with precise timestamps
  • Additional details available as CSV download

Enhanced metadata for media assets within Media Libraries, including:

  • Show asset type (video, audio, or image)
  • Show whether asset is unlisted (for view by admins-only, with Content Moderation on)


  • 3Play Media – Providing closed caption integration, so institutions can expand their closed caption support easily and quickly by purchasing transcription packages
  • PlayPosit – Providing in-video quiz integration for videos – PlayPosit customers can seamlessly pull in media from their Warpwire Media Libraries to add in-video quizzing
  • Winnov – Providing lecture capture integration – Direct capture of video from Winnov hardware into Warpwire Media Libraries
  • OAuth 2.0 – Support for enhanced integration with other third-party applications

Minor Updates

  • Publishing – Media asset owners and Media Library admins can make assets private for viewing only by the asset owner or a Media Library admin
  • Downloading – Admins and owners can download different resolutions of assets for offline-use and grant permission to others to do the same
  • Content Moderation – Admins can change visibility status of specific assets within Media Libraries with Content Moderation enabled, Visible for all Users or Unlisted for only admins
  • Custom Video Thumbnail – Choose from up to 10 possible frames from the video as the video thumbnail
  • Added Web VTT caption file support in addition to SRT

Warpwire v1.7 (Update series B) – April 6, 2016

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with a black line appearing on certain videos
  • Enhanced group search to improve results

Warpwire v1.7 (Update series A) – March 14, 2016

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Resolved issue when managing Media Libraries in excess of 1000 assets
  • Corrected issue that prevented sharing with certain users
  • Resolved use case where closed captions could be improperly formatted
  • Added OAuth Provider support

Warpwire v1.7 – November 25, 2015

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Support for tagging any media asset within a Media Library
  • Ability to sort Media Libraries by tags, date created, contributor, or title
  • A default sort order can be applied to any Media Library
  • Users can create a Tagged Playlist based on tagged media assets
  • Media assets contributed to a Tagged Playlist are automatically added with the corresponding tag

Batch Edit Mode

  • Media Library administrators can perform bulk batch actions to media assets within a Media Library. These actions include:
    • Copying to and removing from other media libraries
    • Adding and removing tags from media assets
    • Removing or deleting media assets from a Media Library
  • Added an "Edit" button in the interface for Media Library administrators to access Batch Edit Mode – also possible through the "Option + B" keyboard shortcut.


  • Support for keyboard only navigation within Warpwire
  • Updated media presentation workflow to be more compatible with screen readers
  • Focus is automatically set to relevant navigation elements when using only the keyboard

Minor Updates

  • Media Library drop box mode allows for administrators to hide content within a Media Library from non-administrators. Allows Warpwire to be used in conjunction with LMS time-based publishing features.
  • Created support documentation that provides detailed information regarding all aspects of the Warpwire application
  • Visual optimizations to simplify workflows and provide a more consistent interface throughout the application
  • Updated administrative reporting interface to include detailed user information when generating CSV-based reports
  • Modified and updated the LDAP-based directory system to perform more reliably in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where closed caption files could be incorrectly processed
  • Updated LTI-based authentication workflows
  • Updated support for third-party cookie handling and provided additional user feedback
  • Added non-interactive support for external group ingestion via CSV format
  • Fixed a bug where newly created images in iOS 9 were not processed correctly
  • Media Library administrators may now copy items to other Media Libraries that they are an administrator of, even if they are not the owner of the asset being copied

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Media Libraries shown in the "Copy to Another Media Library" list were not in the correct sorted order
  • Corrected an issue where errors in the application could be attributed to the wrong response
  • Fixed a display bug when using the change ownership property
  • Fixed a bug that prevented IE 8 from loading assets correctly
  • Added support for text-based animation within Internet Explorer 10+
  • Corrected an issue where invalid assets were not automatically removed from a Media Library
  • Provided additional messaging to users with unsupported browsers
  • Minor bug fixes

Warpwire v1.6 – July 17, 2015

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

Closed Captions:

  • Added ability to upload closed captions in SRT format for any video asset
  • Closed Caption icon is present within the video player for files with associated caption metadata


  • Simplified sharing by consolidating the "Share secure link or Embed" and the "Share with Users and Groups" into a single share interface
  • Added the ability to promote shared members within a Media Library to administrators of the media library
  • Sharing with groups and users now use the same search interface and are threaded within the Share link, embed code, and scripts are visibly more distinctive and now automatically select the link text on click

Removing Media:

  • Revised workflow for media removal to allow for automatic deletion from all shared locations
  • Removing media that is only present in a single Media Library will permanently remove the asset


  • Added the ability for users to assign ownership of a media asset to a different user

Minor Updates:

  • Visual optimization and updates to improve navigation efficiency
  • Updated and simplified embed code for frames
  • Improved sizing issues when embedding certain assets
  • Improved error handling during the asset upload process
  • Disabled inputs within the interface are more visually distinguishable from active fields
  • Updated status icon while processing media files
  • Expanded the reporting data to include additional metric when using REST API directly
  • Performance updates to client when removing media assets
  • Better indications that media is loading on slow Internet connections


  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when using the "Share" option
  • Fixed a specific resolution issue when capturing video via a web camera
  • Fixed bug where Copy To option was available when there were no additional media libraries available
  • Fixed bug that in certain conditions an admin of a Media Library was not given all of the correct permissions
  • Fixed issue where Media Libraries were sometimes duplicated in the All Libraries view
  • Fixed bug where the Share link was sometimes empty
  • Fixed an issue where permissions to view a video were prematurely revoked
  • Fixed third party cookie issue that caused logins to intermittently fail
  • Fixed a bug within Sakai where in certain instances a course would be incorrectly mapped to the wrong section
  • Fixed an analytics bug that sometimes caused graphs to disappear
  • Contribution Feature – Minor Change

Warpwire v1.5 – April 8, 2015

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

Audio file support

  • Anyone with access to a Media Library will be able to add media to that Media Library (available to everyone by default, including students).
  • Additionally, admins will have the ability to turn this functionality off (and on) for a particular Media Library – to prevent non-admins from contributing.

Better upload handling

  • Provides visual feedback to users once their uploads have been transferred to the server regarding the verification and processing steps
  • Better reporting when a user upload files of unsupported file type
  • Better recovery when using multiple uploads that allows for process to continue when one or more files fail to upload successfully
  • Better detection of lack of network connectivity and updates to the user messaging
  • Backend updates that prevents a HTTP error code 499 from being sent during very large uploads
  • Backend updates that spawns external jobs from the initial upload to prevent timeout issues from occurring during slow network/disk access conditions

Minor bug fixes/interface updates

  • Updates to improve the interface consistency across the site in Firefox
  • Fixed bug where authentication of API users was sometimes being denied
  • Removed the word "valid" from the sharing settings
  • Ensures that all reports use the same timezone (currently as defined by the server) to avoid inconsistent date ranges in reports
  • Resolved a permission check that prevented items from being removed from My Media

Warpwire v1.4 – March 3rd, 2015

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • In-line Webcam/Camera Capture
  • Analytics Tool (for both users and super-admins alike)
  • Public Sharing
  • Sharing with all users within an institution
  • Text explaining search results
  • Tweaks for better upload handling