Platform: Partners


Warpwire partners with the following platforms, services, and systems. Don't see a partner you need? Let us know.

Warpwire partners with the following platforms, services, and systems. Don't see a partner you need? Let us know.

Platforms – LMS, CMS

  • A fully customizable, 100% open source LMS specifically designed for higher education. With our LTI plugin, Sakai and Warpwire create a seamless video experience for students and educators.

      Warpwire in Sakai

  • Instructure offers a 21st century LMS that's reliable, customizable, and easy-to-use. With our LTI plugin, Canvas and Warpwire create a beautiful way to enhance learning with video.

      Warpwire in Canvas

  • A free open source software package designed to help educators create effective online content. With Warpwire’s LTI plugin, it's simple to enhance learning by incorporating video into Moodle.

      Warpwire in Moodle

  • Brightspace is a full-featured LMS with an focus on solving everyday problems for educators. With our LTI Plugin, you can easily incorporate media into your courses with a simple workflow.

  • Blackboard Learn is a leading LMS committed to online collaboration and engagement. With our Building Block, Warpwire utilizes LTI to create a simple workflow for users to add media to their courses.

      Warpwire in Blackboard

  • EthosCE is the leading LMS for medical associations, academic medical centers, and medical education companies. With our LTI plugin, EthosCE and Warpwire provide actionable educational videos for medical training and knowledge.

  • Drupal is an open source content management system built by a community dedicated to amazing digital experiences, is enhanced with secure streaming video, with our Warpwire LTI plugin.

      Warpwire in Drupal

  • WordPress is web software you can use to create a simple or large-scale website, blog, or application. Warpwire can integrate natively with WordPress to bring easy-to-use and secure video to your visitors.

Services – Capture, Closed captioning, Translation, Quizzing

  • Winnov's award-winning lecture capture technology integrates directly with Warpwire to provide a variety of fully-automated hardware capture services.

      Warpwire/Winnov Case Study

  • For their over 1000 customers, 3PlayMedia offers premium captions, transcripts, and subtitles. Warpwire users can harness these services with a single click.

  • CaptionSync provides professional transcription services in as little as eight hours, to accurately and affordably provide your institution with high quality captions and translations. Warpwire seamlessly integrates closed caption requests with CaptionSync services.

  • Cielo24 works with clients worldwide to provide quality video intelligence, captions, transcripts, and data. Cielo24 and Warpwire captions amplify video discovery, engagement, reach and compliance to help educators maximize video investment.

  • Rev provides transcriptions and closed captions for $1 per minute of content, no minimums or hidden fees. They guarantee 99% accuracy and 12-24 hour turnaround for most files. Warpwire integrates seamlessly to provide transcription services to it's customers.

  • Build highly engaging, interactive video experiences into Warpwire videos with PlayPosit. Bring accountability and evaluation to video, with Warpwire to keep it secure. Interactions include multiple choice, free response, polling surveys, auto-graded fill in the blank, and more.

Systems – CDN, Standards, Infrastructure

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable and scalable cloud computing services that keep Warpwire client data secure and accessible, anywhere.

  • Internap offers powerful, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure that helps Warpwire deliver streaming video globally with it's content distribution network (CDN).

  • An international nonprofit consortium that helps develop technology and open standards to meet challenges in education.

  • Warpwire uses NGINX Plus for caching media assets and images, segmenting video for delivery, and establishing limited access and expiration dates for securing video.

      Warpwire/NGINX Case Study

Think you'd be a great partner? Let us know!