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Adopting Warpwire at the University of Dayton

September 12, 2018

Ryan Allen, Director of eLearning and his colleagues, David Bauer (Team Lead of eLearning Systems & Support) and Julianne Morgan (Senior eLearning Specialist) sat down with the Warpwire team to chat about how easy it was to adopt Warpwire into the universities existing teaching and learning workflows.

University of Dayton is based in Dayton, Ohio and serves over 10,000 students. When implementating Warpwire across campus, Ryan was glad to see how quickly it caught on with faculty.

"I didn't have to train people, we didn't have to put out a big marketing push." Warpwire was so easy to use that faculty quickly saw how they could incorporate video and multimedia into their courses, and "the value Warpwire brought to their teaching."

One use instructors have found for Warpwire in their courses is as a mechanism for providing quick and personal feedback for their students. Julianne notes that "people like that they can just go to Warpwire and immediately press on a button and start recording." Why use video feedback instead of or in addition to written feedback? "It makes for a better engagement opportunity between the student and the instructor," says Julianne.

While Dayton's faculty make use of video, their eLearning team is busy in the background building apps to help improve their teaching experience. David and his team have been able to leverage Warpwire's API to build an in-video quizzing tool for faculty. "Warpwire's API has been great because it's given us the tools we need to interact with videos" and build an app that allows instructors to add questions at various points in a video.

Photographs of the Warpwire team visiting the University of Dayton and a Warpwire button graphic Photographs of the Warpwire team visiting the University of Dayton and a Warpwire button graphic

Whether it's team members using Warpwire, or developers utilizing the API, Warpwire focuses on maintaining a strong relationship with clients. "I've worked with a lot of vendors over the years, and I can honestly say that the relationship I've had with the folks at Warpwire has been the best," says Ryan. Julianne adds that "our support with Warpwire is superlative."

"If I was talking to somebody else that was considering Warpwire, I would tell them that my experience with them has been top notch," Ryan concludes.