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Transfer Ownership of a media asset

If you transfer ownership of a file to another user, you will no longer have owner privileges for that asset. If you are an authorized user or administrator of the Media Library which holds the media asset in question, you'll still be able to view the file after transferring ownership. However, you would no longer see administrator analytic reports for that file, and you would not have permission to delete the file.

In order to transfer ownership of a video, audio, or image file to another User, click on Media options Three dots icon for that file, then select "Settings." In the upper-left of the Media Info page, you’ll click "Change" on the line that lists the file's current owner.

Media options pane

You'll use the search box to find the user you want to grant ownership of the media file. You can only transfer ownership to another User, not to a Group/Course of users.

Click the name of the User to whom you want to transfer ownership. Their name will turn green, and a popup will ask you to verify your choice.

User search for asset transfer Browser alert verifying transfer

Finally, you'll see a message verifying the successful completion of the transfer.

Message of successful transfer

See also: Copy files to other Media Libraries.

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