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Requesting Closed Captions

Watch the following video to learn about requesting captions for a video.

In order to request closed captions, navigate to the Media Info page for an asset. Then, click "+ Add" for captions, you'll be presented with three buttons:

Media Options pane, including

  1. Upload Caption File
  2. Request Caption
  3. View Caption Requests

Pane showing 'Request Caption' button

You can always manually upload a caption file (Warpwire supports WebVTT and SRT) if you already have one, or can creation captions yourself, using Aegisub.

Otherwise, you can Request Caption.

If your institution has a relationship with one of the third-party caption providers Warpwire supports, then users can request closed captions for videos, and institutional administrators can approve or deny the requests.

If you click "Request Caption" and your institution does not have third party captions set up, you'll see a "Your institution is not set up to request closed caption processing." message.

If your institution does have third party captions set up, when you click "Request Caption" button, you'll be taken to a page where you can verify your request. Pane showing information about submitting a caption request, and a 'Create' button

You'll also have the opportunity to indicate that you are looking for translation or transcription in a language other than English, by checking the box that says: "Source or destination language is not English"

Once you've created your request, you'll see a "Caption Request successfully submitted" message. Click "Done" to return to the previous page.

Pane showing caption request successfully submitted

Once you've requested a caption, you should see a new "View Caption Requests" button on the caption page. Click the link to check the status of your caption request.

Pane showing 'View Caption Requests' button Pane showing all caption requests and their status

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