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Watch a video on video playback or follow the instructions below.

On a personal computer, if you hover over a playing video, a video progress bar will appear at the bottom. This is where you can navigate within the video and change settings.

The video progress bar shows where you are in playback. You can click anywhere on the bar to navigate to that point in the video. For videos longer than 10 seconds, a thumbnail will appear, giving you a clearer picture of where you're navigating to. This makes "fast forwarding" and "rewinding" simple.

Video navigation bar

To the left of the video progress bar is the volume slider. You can drag it up and down to adjust video volume, or use your keyboard or mobile device volume buttons.

Video volume slider

If there are closed captions attached to the video you are watching, you'll see a CC button to the right of the video progress bar. If you click on the CC button, you'll be able to select the caption file you want to display.

Video player with captions displayed

If you click the small arrow next to a given caption file, you'll have the option of downloading the caption file or the transcript to your device.

Video player with caption and transcription download overlay

To the left of the CC button is the caption search button, a magnifying glass icon. Click it to search the caption file. Your results will be displayed, showing a thumbnail and the caption line. Click to navigate to that part of the video

Closeup on caption search button on video player Closed caption search results

To the right of the CC button, the "Speed" button allows you to choose playback speed. Select from .25x, .5x, .75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speeds.

Closeup of speed adjustment options

The gear button on the right of the video progress bar allows you to choose playback quality that best matches your available bandwidth. By default, the quality is set to "Auto" and will adjust automatically based on available bandwidth.

Closeup of video quality options

Next to the quality levels, if downloading is allowed for that video, you'll see a downward pointing arrow. Click the arrow to download the video file directly to your device.

Closeup of video download options

Finally, on the far right of the video progress bar, is the "Fullscreen" button (a diagonal arrow). Clicking this button will expand your video to the full width of your screen, obscuring other windows and applications. Hit the escape key, or click on the "Fullscreen" button again to leave fullscreen mode.

Video player in fullscreen mode

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