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Whole Solutions: Warpwire's Integration with ZoomWarpwire's Integration with Zoom

Legacy: Camera Capture

Please note: This Support Guide is about Warpwire's legacy Camera Capture tool. For multi-source capture and better reliability, we recommend users switching to the Multi-Source Capture tool.

Warpwire provides modern HTML5-based video and audio capture from all browsers that support it. For this reason, we recommend recording in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, if available.

To capture video or audio directly from the browser, begin by navigating to the Media Library you want your capture to live in. Then, click the plus (+) button at the top of the page.

Next, select "Camera Capture" from the menu to begin the capture process.

Add content dropdown menu within the Warpwire video platform, with 'Camera Capture' selected

Depending on your browser, you may have to explicitly allow your camera and microphone to be used.

Below is a screenshot showing this process in Google Chrome:

Device share settings dropdown menu in Chrome for the Warpwire platform

and Mozilla Firefox:

Device share settings dropdown menu in Firefox for Warpwire

If you want to use an external camera or microphone, you can select it via the drop-down menus if they are connected and turned on. You can also select the recording quality for your video.

Camera Capture interface, with dropdown menus for Video Source, Audio Source, and Resolution

When the desired camera and microphone are selected, click the round video camera button Camera icon to begin recording. To record audio-only, select "Video: None" in the video drop-down.

The button will turn red, indicating that your video or audio is being recorded. On either side of the button, you will find the duration of your recording and microphone input level indicator. Click the button again to stop recording Red square stop button icon.

Camera capture interface mid-recording, stop button visible

You will now be given the opportunity to name your recording. Once named, click "Confirm" to save the video or audio to your previously selected Media Library.

Camera capture interface with user input for title of recording

You should see your newly named asset appear in the list of Media Library assets. It will first appear as "Queued." It may take a few minutes before the status changes to "In Progress" and is fully processed for viewing. The higher the resolution you selected at the time of recording, the longer processing will take.

See also: Capture from a mobile device and Screen Capture.

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