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Clipping Video and Audio

Clipping allows you to create a new segment of a larger video or audio file. It is available for all uploaded or camera captured video and audio files, but not for Live Broadcasts.

For example, you might want to clip a 5-minute portion of an hour long lecture, to share as an illustration of a particular concept. Or, you might want to create a clip of the middle 80 minutes of a 90 minutes class, so that the introductions and conclusions are removed, leaving only the main lecture.

You can access clipping from the Media Settings window for any video or audio asset you own or admin. Go to the video or audio you want to clip, click the Media options icon Three dots icon to the right of the asset title, then select "Settings."

Media options dropdown

From the Settings window, click "Create Clip."

Media options pane

The clip-creation pane shows the video timeline visually.

Create a clip interface

You can click and drag the arrow bars on either end of the the timeline to select a segment. Alternately, you can type in specific timecodes to select the segment you want as your clip.

Create a clip, subsection of video selected

Click the play button in the center of the panel to preview the contents of the clip you’re about to create.

Selected segment playback preview

When you're satisfied with your selection, click "Create Clip."

When you create a new clip, it will not affect the original video. The new clip will be a separate asset in the Media Library.

The clip you just created will have the same title as the original asset, but with [CLIP] prepended.

Media Library with new clip

The clip will have fresh analytics and metadata. You'll be able to Tag it, add captions, edit the title and description, and change the thumbnail: it is an entirely separate asset from the original.

The "Create Clip" functionality is available for any asset your own, except Live Broadcasts. Multiple clips can be created from the same source video or audio asset, and new clips can be created from clipped media.

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