Upload to Media Library

Watch a video on uploading to a Media Library or follow the instructions below.

Navigate to the Media Library you want to upload files to. (If the library doesn't yet exist, you'll need to create a new Media Library or turn on Warpwire for your course.) ”Once you've navigated to a particular Media Library, "Cats" in this example, you'll see an "Add Media" button in the upper-right of the screen. Click this button to open Add Media options.

Next, select "Upload files from your computer." This will open a file browser if you're using a personal computer, or your mobile device's file storage.

On a personal computer, you can select a single file, or multiple files (use "command + click" on Mac, "control + click" on Windows to select multiple files).

Once you've selected the desired file(s), you'll have a chance to verify your selection. Then, click "Start Uploading."

If you're only uploading a single file, you'll have the opportunity to edit the file's Title and Description before uploading.

As the file(s) upload to your Media Library, you'll see an upload progress bar at the top of the screen. The files will begin to appear in the library. When the upload progress bar goes away, all of your files are in the Media Library and your upload is complete.

If you wish to cancel the upload, click the cancel upload button on the right of the progress bar and verify your choice.

See also: uploading from a mobile device.

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