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Sharing with Specific Users and Groups

To share with specific Users and Groups, you'll need to navigate to the Sharing options page. Click the Media options button Three dots icon for the file you want to share.

Next, click "Share." This will take you to the Sharing options page.

Media options dropdown

From this page you can specify which additional Users and/or Groups you'd like to grant view access to view or listen to your file.

Select "Share with additional Users and Groups (Protected)" from the dropdown menu and a search box will appear.

Media sharing options with 'Users and Groups' selected

Use the search box to find Users and Groups within your institution. Groups will appear on the left, and Users on the right. The results will appear in real-time.

Below, you can see that typing "test" brought up, all the Groups with "test" anywhere in their name. This powerful search feature makes sharing simple, fast, and reliable.

Click on the User(s) and/or Group(s) with whom you'd like to share your media file. Once the name turns green, the share is complete.

Text search for users and groups, selected are highlighted in green

If at any time you want to see or edit sharing permissions for a video, click the "Edit Permissions" link at the bottom of the Sharing options page.

The Edit Permissions page allows you to see which Users and Groups have access to the file. You can also Remove their access, which takes away their ability to view the files.

From the Edit Permissions page you can also give specific users and groups permission to download the asset to their local machine, if you have downloads turned on as an institutional option. Do this by selecting "Download" from the drop-down menu next to the user or group.

List of users and groups with access

Up Next: Share with your entire institution.

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