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Search by User

Select "Search by User" from the drop down in the upper-left of the screen. This page allows institutional admins to browse and search through all of the Warpwire users at their institution, and to sort results by first name, last name, user ID, and account creation date.

Use the search box at the top of the page to quickly find users who match your search criteria. Results match First Name, Last Name, or ID.

The admin search allows you to see relevant details for each User. You can quickly see their name and ID, along with the number of assets they own, when their account was created, and which groups they are a member of. You can also "become" a user for troubleshooting.

If you click on the "Groups" link for a user, a properties pane will open, showing the list of groups to which the user belongs. From this pane, you can also quickly add the user to additional groups (via the "Add Group" button), or remove them from groups (via the small x to the right of the group name).

Become a User

Click the "Become this User" link to open a new tab. A green banner across the top of the new page will confirm your action, saying "You are using Warpwire as user: [First Name] [Last Name]".

This feature allows institutional admins to see all of the libraries the user has access to, as if you were logged in as that user. This can be quite helpful in troubleshooting sharing issues and verifying functionality and group membership.

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