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Delete files from My Media

The easiest way to delete a video, audio, or image across all Media Libraries is to delete it from the My Media view.

First, navigate to My Media by clicking the "My Media" link on the top-right, under your name.

Media Library view with My Media link shown

Then, click Media options 3-dots icon (and then "Settings" from the dropdown menu) for the file you want to globally delete. You can also use the "Find" feature to search in real-time.

My Media view

At the upper-left of the Media options view, click the "Delete this Media" link.

Upper-left of the Media options view

You'll be asked to verify your choice. Click "Delete" if you're sure.

Confirmation screen of deleting media

Finally, you'll see a popup. Click "OK" if you're really sure.

See also: Remove files from Media Libraries, Delete Media Libraries.

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