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Delete assets from My Media

The easiest way to delete a video, audio, or image across all Media Libraries is to delete it from the My Media view.

First, navigate to My Media by clicking the "My Media" link in the Account Menu.

Media Library view with My Media link shown

Then, click Media options 3-dots icon and "Settings" from the menu for the file you want to globally delete.

My Media view

At the upper-left of the Media options view, click the "Remove from Media Library" link.

Upper-left of the Media options view

You'll be asked to verify your choice. Check the "Delete this media from all Media Libraries" checkbox to delete all copies of the asset. Click "Remove" if you're sure.

Confirmation screen of deleting media

Finally, you'll see a popup. Click "OK" if you're really sure.

See also: Remove files from Media Libraries, Delete Media Libraries.

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