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Attach Closed Captions

Watch a video on Closed Captions or follow the instructions below.

Warpwire supports closed caption files in .SRT (SubRip Text) and .VTT (WebVTT – Web Video Text Track) formats. Multiple files can be uploaded to a single video, particularly useful for multiple languages.

To add a caption file to a video, navigate to the video, click on the Media options icon , then select "Settings." Next, click "+ Add" for captions, you'll be presented with three buttons:

  1. Upload Caption File
  2. Request Caption
  3. View Caption Requests

Click "Upload Caption File".

This will open up a file browser — navigate to the .SRT or .VTT file on your personal computer.

Once you've chosen the file, select the caption language from the drop down list. With the correct language selected, you're ready to upload.

You'll see a verification message after the caption file is uploaded successfully.

Finally, on the Media options page for the video, you'll see the newly attached caption file listed (by language) below the description field.

If you have multiple captions in multiple languages, repeat this process until all captions are attached to the video file.

During playback, you can click the "CC" button on the video progress bar to toggle captions on and off, or to select between multiple caption files.

See also: Create Closed Captions with Aegisub.

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