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Setting up Zoom Cloud Recordings

Note: To record Zoom meetings to the cloud, you need to have a Pro, Business, Education, or Zoom Rooms account. You can read Zoom's guide to Cloud Recording on their website.

In order to have your Zoom meetings stored in Warpwire, you'll need to record those meetings to the cloud. Here are instructions on setting that up as the default behavior for your meetings, as well as how to start recording from a meeting that's already started.

Record by Default

From the Zoom application, when editing the settings for a given Meeting ID, you can check the box that says 'Record Meeting By Default' and click the 'In the cloud' radio button. With these option selected, all meetings launched via this Meeting ID will be automatically recorded to the cloud, and eligible for use with Warpwire's Zoom Rules.

Zoom application meeting settings

Record from within a Meeting

From within any Zoom meeting, you can click the 'Record' button at the bottom of the main window, and select the 'Record to the Cloud' option.

Note: If you pause a recording and then unpause and continue the recording, Warpwire does not generate a separate recording file. This might be a useful alternative for users who do not want to generate excess assets with Zoom.

Zoom meeting interface, with 'Record' options open

Additional Zoom Cloud Recording Options

You can access additional cloud recording options from the Preference menu within the Zoom application:

Zoom application 'Recording' preference pane

There are even more recording options on the 'My Meeting Settings' section of the Zoom website:

Zoom website settings page

See also: Connecting your Zoom Account.

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