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Create, Edit, and Delete Tags for your Account

To look at all Tags associated with your account, click on the Account Menu in the upper-right of the window. Select "Manage Tags" from the Media pane.

Manage Tags link from upper-right drodown menu

The Manage Tags window lists all Tags you've created. You can scroll through all of the Tags (they're in alphabetical order), or use the search box to find a particular Tag.

List of all tags associated with the account

To edit a Tag, click the "Edit Tag" option. Then, you'll be able to edit the Tag's name, or delete it.

Edit tag name interface

Finally, you'll see a message verifying your edit.

Edit confirmation message

From the Manage Tags page, you can also delete a Tag associated with your account. This will remove the Tag from your account and remove it from any and all associated assets.

List of tags associated with account

To delete a Tag, click the "Edit Tag" option. Then click the "Delete" button.

Edit tag details, 'Delete' button

Click "OK" to verify your choice.

Browser alert confirming account-wide tag deletion

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