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Analytics for Media Libraries

To access Analytics for a Media Library, click the Media Library options button 3-dots icon to the right of library name on the Media Libraries page, then click "Analytics" or,

analytics link from all Media Library page

or click on the Media Library title on the top of the library page, then click "Analytics."

analytics link from page header

Now you'll be able to generate a report based on a custom date range. Click "Search" once you've selected a date range to generate the report.

Date range picker for Media Library report

Now, click the "Download CSV" link to download the report to your device.

download link for csv of Library analytics

When you open the CSV in a compatible program (Excel, Numbers, or Open Office, for example) you'll see viewing data for all of the assets in the Media Library.

spreadsheet showing analytics information for all assets in the library

See also: for Media Assets, for Institutional Admins, Warpwire Reporting API.

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