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Create, Apply, and Remove Tags from your media

Watch a video on Tagging or follow the instructions below.

To view and manage Tags for a single file, click the Media options button for that file. Then, click "Settings." Now, from the Media Info page, click Tags ("Add") to manage Tags for that file.

You'll see a Tag page that lists all Tags for your account. Any Tags currently associated with the file will have a green background. Click on grey Tags to add them, and click on green Tags to remove them (that is, Tags can be toggled on and off).

To create a new Tag, click "Create New" at the bottom of the Tag page. Type in the name of the new Tag, then click "Create Tag."

Once created, your new Tag will appear in the Tag list, and will be green, indicating that the current file is Tagged with the newly created Tag.

Finally, when you leave the Manage Tags page, you'll see the Media Info page. But now, all associated Tags will be displayed in the Tags section.

You can delete Tags associated with a file from the Media Info page — just click the small x on the left side of the Tag names. You'll be asked to verify your choice, then the Tag will be removed from that file.

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