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Add Warpwire media to a Drupal comment

Users can post comments on Drupal posts and articles. If, while posting a comment, a user wants to insert media from Warpwire, the process is identical to inserting media into a post or article.

Within the text editor, click the Warpwire icon . A Warpwire interface window will open as a popup. The first step is to select the Media Library you'd like to work with. The drop down menu in the upper-right of the popup will list all of the Media Libraries that you have access to. Pick the one you'd like to insert files from, or upload/record files to.

Once selected, you'll see the contents of that Media Library.

Click "Add Media" in the upper right of the window to capture or upload, or select the file you'd like to insert if it's already in the Media Library.

Your file will appear in the text editor as a thumbnail. You can now type around it, insert additional files, add links — anything the text editor allows.

See also: Insert Media, Capture and Insert Media, Upload and Insert Media.

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