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Embedding the Player with Visual Media

The audio player displays the title along with an embedded thumbnail image. If there isn't an embedded image in your audio file, that element simply won't be displayed.

Audio player

On a personal computer, if you hover over a playing audio file, a progress bar will appear at the bottom. This is where you can navigate within the audio file and change playback settings.

The progress bar shows where you are in playback. You can click anywhere on the bar to navigate to that point in the audio. This makes "fast forwarding" and "rewinding" simple.

Closeup of the video's audio progress bar

To the left of the audio progress bar is the volume slider. You can drag it up and down to adjust volume, or use your keyboard or mobile device volume buttons.

Closeup of the video's volume slider

If there are closed captions or a transcript attached to the audio you are listening to, you'll see them by first clicking the gear button then clicking Captions from the menu. From here you'll be able to select the caption file you want to display.

Closeup of caption options for the video

To download the caption file, click the small arrow next to the desired file.

Closeup of caption options with arrow for download

Now you have the option of downloading the caption file or the transcript to your device.

Audio player overlay displaying caption and transcript download links

To the left of the CC button is the caption search button, a magnifying glass icon. Click it to search the caption file. Your results will be displayed, showing the caption line and timestamp. Click to navigate to that part of the audio file.

Audio player overlay caption search box

To choose playback speed, first click the gear button then click Speed from the menu. From here, you may select from .25x, .5x, .75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speeds.

Closeup of speed adjustment options for audio

Embedding the Player without Visual Media (Audio-Only)

If you are embedding an audio or video file on an external website, you can use Warpwire's Custom Embed Options to embed an audio-only version of the player.

You can create an audio-only embed code by clicking the Media options icon 3-dots icon and selecting "Share," then clicking the "Embed Code" button at the top.

Custom embed options for an asset, with 'Audio Only' selected

When an audio-only version of an asset in embedded, it will look just like the video player, but without the video. You'll be able to adjust volume, change playback position, rotate through playback speeds, and copy a share link.

Audio only player with play button at center, unclicked Audio only player, playback in progress Audio only player, playblack speed adjusted to 1.5x Audio only player, copy share link

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