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Secure Sharing and Embedding your Media

Watch a video on Secure Sharing or follow the instructions below.

By default, only Users enrolled or assigned access to a Course or Group Media Library can access the media files in that library.

Files can also be securely shared more widely, either privately (only with admins), with specific additional Users and Groups, with your entire institution, or with the public.

Warpwire also introduces Asset-level Security that protects your media assets and Media Libraries. Whenever your videos go – their security travels with them. Regardless of where it's posted, shared, or embedded, only those users with the appropriate access will be able to view your media or media library. If a user isnt' logged in, they'll see a locked video until they authenticate.

Locked video on Google site

To securely share or embed your media, you'll need to navigate to the Sharing options page. Click the Media options button 3-dots icon for the file you want to share, then click "Share." This will take you to the Sharing options page.

Media options dropdown menu with 'Share' selected

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