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Warpwire's Sakai Login Script

Warpwire allows clients to utilize a lightweight Sakai login page. This script allows users to login to Warpwire using Sakai as an authentication source. You can download the script from our GitHub page. There are two ways to implement this tool:

Option 1: Self-hosted (preferred)

Download the script from GitHub and host it yourself.

  • If you choose this option, contact Warpwire to receive a key and secret
  • If you choose this option, all user login data will remain on your servers

Option 2: Warpwire-hosted

Let Warpwire take care of it. Provide the information listed below and Warpwire will host the script and login page allowing Sakai authentication outside of Sakai.

  • If you choose this option, Warpwire will handle the implementation
  • If you choose this option, some user login data will pass through Warpwire servers


  • https://[SAKAI_URL]/direct/: The URL for web services. The above URL format is standard in Sakai. Note that it may vary if your institution has customized it
  • [SAKAI_URL]: The URL of your Sakai instance
  • You will need to verify that Sakai REST APIs are active
  • Only if you'd like Warpwire to host the login page (Option 2): You will need to make sure your firewall allows Warpwire to connect remotely to access your API services:
  • Contact Warpwire to complete setup

See also: Turn on Warpwire for your course in Sakai and Deep Linking and Sakai.

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