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Create a New Media Library

Watch a video on Creating a New Media Library or follow the instructions below.

You can create a Media Library by clicking "Create Media Library," the + button, on the Media Libraries page. By default, this Media Library is only viewable by your account.

Media Library view with arrow pointing at the button to create a new Library

You can also create a new Media Library from the upper-left navigation:

Upper-left Media Library dropdown, showing list of Libraries and 'Create New' button

Give your new Media Library a title, then click "Create."

Create Media Library pane with user input for Library Title

Your newly created Media Library will appear on the Media Libraries page.

List of Media Libraries

A new Media Library can be shared with other users, by navigating to the Media options page 3-dots icon, then selecting "Share" from the dropdown menu. On the sharing pane, search for Users and Groups to grant access to. Click the following link for instructions on how to share a Media Library with Users and Groups.

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