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Interactive Transcript Embed

Interactive Transcript is an embed setting that allows users to present a video along with its associated caption file when embedding on an external website. Here's what it looks like:

You can access the Interactive Transcript option from the Share page for any video or audio file. Click the Media options button 3-dots icon for the file you want to share, then click "Share." This will take you to the sharing options page.

Media options dropdown menu with 'Share' selected

From the sharing options page, click "Embed Code." You'll see all of the options for generating an embed code. Check the "Interactive Transcript" box to have the transcript appear alongside the video player when embedded. Read more about the process of embedding content here.

Embed Code options for a video. The interactive transcript box is checked

If a video has captions attached, when it is embedded with Interactive Transcript turned on the transcript will appear to the right of the video. You'll see each line of the transcript along with its corresponding timestamp.

View of embedded video with interactive transcript turned on

If you click on a line in the Interactive Transcript, the video will jump to that timecode.

View of embedded video with line of interactive transcript selected

In the upper-right of the Interactive Transcript embed, you'll see a "Seach transcript..." field. If you type in this field it will filter the transcript, showing all lines that match your search. Again, you can click on any of the returned lines to navigate to that point in the video.

View of embedded video with line of interactive transcript selected

If there are multiple caption files attached to the embedded video, you'll see a dropdown menu in the upper right of the embed. Click it to choose which transcript you'd like displayed to the right of the video. You can have one caption file display on the video itself while another appears as an interactive transcript to the right, if you like.

View of embedded video with line of dropdown menu of transcripts in multiple languages

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