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Warpwire Hotspot Analytics API

Warpwire provides highly granular user interaction reporting, which allows administrators to determine total playtime, segments of the videos or audio file watched, segments that are skipped, or segments that are re-played. This data is collectively referred to as Hotspot Analytics. It is recorded for every authenticated user for every media asset and provides a very detailed perspective of user interactions.

In addition to individual asset analytic information, Warpwire also provides a higher-level view of the same data, but in a more concise format. This format provides the total duration of playtime, the percentage of the video completed, the first and last access times for the video, and a true/false option indicating whether the user has viewed 95% or more of the video.

Warpwire streamlines the collection and display of this hotspot analytic data; it is all accessible via the Warpwire API.

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